company history

1987 founded as Joerg Wilhelm Mikroelektronik
initial focus is on electronics engineering
1988 LC-Display for Atari ST
1989 1st flat bed scanner for Atari ST
see Atari- and PC-products
1991 conversion into Wilhelm Mikroelektronik GmbH

1st functional PostScript clone

1992 1st Truecolorgrafikkarte für Windows
1993 1st multi media board
for Videograbbing, Teletext, Editing and Archiving
1995 middle european development center opened
1996 focus now on subcontracting in engineering

first micro web server to run on 8-bit single chip
Innovation prize Ruhrgebiet finalist 2000


smallest web server fits in 12mm x 12mm x 12mm


seperation into product areas. The Wilhelm Mikroelektronik GmbH takes care of central administration and the patent management

2006 human design and environment protection become highest priority in company visions

the company today...


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